We as people living on the Caribbean Islands have a close relationship with music,  the love for our music is an undeniable part of the Caribbean lifestyle. Our culture Is driven by creativity, our children grow up with this love and talent for music. There is quite some research already done about the cultural and social backgrounds of our music. 

But how can we take our historic traditional sound to a new dimension?

I feel we still have a long journey ahead of us,  in discovering and developing new creative methods in giving our “traditional” rhythms and sounds a new life by taking them to a digital domain. Building a musical bridge between the old and young generation of music creators and performers, but also contributing in making Curacao a capital of creativity and artists.



As a driven musician, producer and studio engineer with a big love for our music, 

I believe we still have a lot to discover, research and understand about our rich musical 

heritage. I want to know more about our musical identity and sound, for educational 

purposes and for development and use in a new musical modern context.

Music should play a bigger role in the educational system for our children, we need to 

provide the right information and tools, for them to learn, develop and excel 

in their creativity.  

I always had a dream to be able to build a bridge between the traditional cultural sounds 

and rhythms of Curacao, to the young generation of musicians and music producers who 

work with the modern technology of computers, software, samplers and loops to create 

their music. The rhythms and sounds of our Island are very original,  with a great heritage 

that goes all the way back to ancient Africa. I believe that by giving the modern musician 

and music producer the right musical tools, we can not only build a bridge between to 

historic and traditional music to modern music, but also elevate our music identity 

worldwide, by incorporating our traditional sounds in a modern musical context.

The vision of this project is to examine, research and create high quality 

recordings of traditional musical instruments that we’re born, cultivated and played 

on the Caribbean Islands,  for the production of the first loop and sample library of the 

sounds and rhythms of Curacao. A pilot project to gather information and do tests which 

will form as a basis for a bigger sample recording project in the near future.